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All the content on is owned by Max Blotas and is copryrighted website has been created and developed by Max Blotas on the behalf of the MAXTRIX in 2020. On the side of his art practice he develops and maintain website for artists, non profits associations and small businesses. You can see what he has been doing recenly on the maxtrix website.
For any enquery or issue regarding the website and/or its content please feel free to contact me at

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thank you so much for the open source community, especially to gilan for easydrag library, mode selecotr and


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credits et respect de la vie privée

Le site web a été crée et developpé par Max Blotas sous le pseudonyme THE MAXTRIX en juin 2020.
Si vous avez la moindre question ou problÚme avec et/ou son contenu n'hésitez pas à me contacter à

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97 - 97bis rue Général Mangin 38100 Grenoble, FRANCE
+33 (0)482530210

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